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Lakeland Composers' Music

Click on the links below to listen to clips of music by the Lakeland Composers. These samples are in Windows Media format (.wma) and sampled at 128kbps. Consequently, they may take a short while to download.

Arthur Butterworth

from Viola Sonata Op.78 - Morgan Goff (Viola), Raphael Terroni (Piano) - Dutton Records CDLX7164 [40sec / 0.66MB]

from Symphony No.1 Op.15 - Munich Symphony Orchestra (Douglas Bostock) - Classico CD 274 [38sec / 0.62MB]

from Romanza For Horn & Orchestra - CBC Orchestra Martin Hackleman (Horn), CBC Orchestra, Vancouver (Mario Bernardi) - CBC Records SMCD5186 [40sec / 0.65MB]

John Ellis

from Five Rhymes For Piano & Soprano - Julie Eckersley (Soprano), John Ellis (Piano) [48sec / 0.78MB]

from Light Within - Laurie Ashworth (Soprano), Greg Morris (Organ), Bolton Choral Union (Michael Greenhalgh) [32sec / 0.54MB]

from Exeunt - organ volutary - Ronald Frost (Organ) [34sec / 0.57MB]

Robin Field

Robin performs Song of Hope at Lancaster Priory 12th Oct 2019 [6min 3sec]

from Arctic Night - part of Images Of Stillness And Movement [1min 17sec / 1.2MB]

from Benediction - Images of Stillness and Movement.[5min 58sec / 5.46MB]

from South - Four Winds [2min 23sec / 2.18MB]

from At The Green Tide's Ending - Nicholas Mitchell (Counter Tenor), William Garnett (Oboe d'Amore), Carolyn Harries (Harp), The Pro Nobis Singers conducted by Clive Walkley [4min 43sec / 4.32MB]

from Sinfonietta - 1st movement, for orchestra[5min 11sec / 4.74MB]

from Psalms 23 and 101 - from Six Liturgical Psalms, for unison voices and organ [5min 08sec / 4.70MB]

from Cello Sonatina [18 min 12sec / 16.6MB]

Chris Gibbs

from "Barbondale Air" - second movement from the suite In The Western Dales for flute and piano - Philip Gruar (Flute), John Ellis (Piano) [2 min 2 sec / 2.01MB]

from "Dentdale Air" [1 min 22 sec / 2.62MB]

from "Ribblesdale Air" [2 min 52 sec / 2.84MB]

from "Moon Over Downham" - fifth movement from Forest Of Bowland Suite for woodwind quartet - Lumiere Ensemble [1 min 49 sec / 3.29MB]

from "Teatime in Chipping" [1 min 47 sec / 1.67MB]

from "Ave Maria" [2 min 56 sec / 2.9MB]

from "REMEMBER (Christina Rossetti) for voice and piano Aug 2001" [56 sec / 0.8MB]

from "Shades Of Blue" for recorder quartet SATB - Cartmel Music Centre Recorder Quartet [4 min 26 sec / 4.38MB]

from "Brokenheart Blues" [4 min 18 sec / 4.24MB]

from "MUSIC FOR STRING QUARTET 1998 - 3 Fugato" [7 min 31 sec / 7.41MB]

from "MUSIC FOR STRING QUARTET 1998 - 4 Mattachins" [4 min 18 sec / 4.24MB]

from "Violin Concerto Sketches" [10 min 50 sec / 10.67MB]

Gary Higginson

from The Edifice Of Time Op. 1 (1972) - Henley Symphony Orchestra (Andrew Tillett) [34sec / 0.56MB]

from "Ilcazare" ('A Chase') - fourth movement from Six Contrasted Miniatures for Wind Quintet Op. 46 (1979) - Ensemble Lumiere [36sec / 0.58MB]

from "Meditation Concerning Angels" Op. 138 (1998-9) - Chetwynde School Senior and Junior Choirs - Jeremy Munro (Bass Baritone), Maria Beesson (Mezzo Soprano) - Orchestra of Cheethams School of Music (Gary Higginson) [38sec / 0.62MB]

Leslie Meurant

from Neath Gable's Crags for solo piano [38sec / 0.6MB]

Tom Muir

from Salve Regina for soprano (Jennie Marsden) and piano (Joy Fielding) [2m 54s/ 2.7MB]

Adrian Self

from Guide Bridge [35sec / 0.57MB]

from Dot.Com - Ballet [35sec / 0.59MB]

from Dance Of The Sun [40sec / 0.65MB]

Peter Wood

from Violin Concerto [40sec / 0.65MB]