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Lakeland Composers' Music

Click on the links below to listen to clips of music by the Lakeland Composers. These samples are in various formats and may take a short while to download.

Arthur Butterworth

from Viola Sonata Op.78 - Morgan Goff (Viola), Raphael Terroni (Piano) - Dutton Records CDLX7164 [40sec / 0.66MB]

from Symphony No.1 Op.15 - Munich Symphony Orchestra (Douglas Bostock) - Classico CD 274 [38sec / 0.62MB]

from Romanza For Horn & Orchestra - CBC Orchestra Martin Hackleman (Horn), CBC Orchestra, Vancouver (Mario Bernardi) - CBC Records SMCD5186 [40sec / 0.65MB]


David Collins

John Ellis

from Five Rhymes For Piano & Soprano - Julie Eckersley (Soprano), John Ellis (Piano) [48sec / 0.78MB]

from Light Within - Laurie Ashworth (Soprano), Greg Morris (Organ), Bolton Choral Union (Michael Greenhalgh) [32sec / 0.54MB]

from Exeunt - organ volutary - Ronald Frost (Organ) [34sec / 0.57MB]

Robin Field

from Arctic Night - part of Images Of Stillness And Movement [1min 17sec / 1.2MB]

from Benediction - Images of Stillness and Movement.[5min 58sec / 5.46MB]

from South - Four Winds [2min 23sec / 2.18MB]

from At The Green Tide's Ending - Nicholas Mitchell (Counter Tenor), William Garnett (Oboe d'Amore), Carolyn Harries (Harp), The Pro Nobis Singers conducted by Clive Walkley [4min 43sec / 4.32MB]

from Sinfonietta - 1st movement, for orchestra[5min 11sec / 4.74MB]

from Psalms 23 and 101 - from Six Liturgical Psalms, for unison voices and organ [5min 08sec / 4.70MB]

from Cello Sonatina [18 min 12sec / 16.6MB]

Chris Gibbs

from "Barbondale Air" - second movement from the suite In The Western Dales for flute and piano - Philip Gruar (Flute), John Ellis (Piano) [2 min 2 sec / 2.01MB]

from "Dentdale Air" [1 min 22 sec / 2.62MB]

from "Ribblesdale Air" [2 min 52 sec / 2.84MB]

from "Moon Over Downham" - fifth movement from Forest Of Bowland Suite for woodwind quartet - Lumiere Ensemble [1 min 49 sec / 3.29MB]

from "Teatime in Chipping" [1 min 47 sec / 1.67MB]

from "Ave Maria" [2 min 56 sec / 2.9MB]

from "REMEMBER (Christina Rossetti) for voice and piano Aug 2001" [56 sec / 0.8MB]

from "Shades Of Blue" for recorder quartet SATB - Cartmel Music Centre Recorder Quartet [4 min 26 sec / 4.38MB]

from "Brokenheart Blues" [4 min 18 sec / 4.24MB]

from "MUSIC FOR STRING QUARTET 1998 - 3 Fugato" [7 min 31 sec / 7.41MB]

from "MUSIC FOR STRING QUARTET 1998 - 4 Mattachins" [4 min 18 sec / 4.24MB]

from "Violin Concerto Sketches" [10 min 50 sec / 10.67MB]

James Hayward

from Fantasia and Rondo for Flute and Piano [31 sec / 0.4MB]

from "In Nomine" for String Trio [2 mins 43 sec / 0.98MB]

Gary Higginson

from The Edifice Of Time Op. 1 (1972) - Henley Symphony Orchestra (Andrew Tillett) [34sec / 0.56MB]

from "Ilcazare" ('A Chase') - fourth movement from Six Contrasted Miniatures for Wind Quintet Op. 46 (1979) - Ensemble Lumiere [36sec / 0.58MB]

from "Meditation Concerning Angels" Op. 138 (1998-9) - Chetwynde School Senior and Junior Choirs - Jeremy Munro (Bass Baritone), Maria Beesson (Mezzo Soprano) - Orchestra of Cheethams School of Music (Gary Higginson) [38sec / 0.62MB]

David Jennings

from Sonatina No. 1 for Piano, Third Movement [1.05 sec / 1.0MB] - played by Phillip Fawcett (2009)

from Sonatina No. 2 for Piano, Second Movement [1.05 sec / 1.1MB] - played by Phillip Fawcett (2009)

Leslie Meurant

from Neath Gable's Crags for solo piano [38sec / 0.6MB]

Tom Muir

from Salve Regina for soprano (Jennie Marsden) and piano (Joy Fielding) [2m 54s/ 2.7MB]

Adrian Self

from Guide Bridge [35sec / 0.57MB]

from Dot.Com - Ballet [35sec / 0.59MB]

from Dance Of The Sun [40sec / 0.65MB]

Peter Wood

from Violin Concerto [40sec / 0.65MB]